2017–2018 School Year Report

We’ve just wrapped up another fantastic school year, and we’re so proud of what FEEST’s youth leaders have accomplished! Here are some highlights:

  • Youth Voice: FEEST youth met with Nutrition Service Directors at four local school districts about the importance of youth voice and the need for better food at school.
  • Youth-Led Lunch: Our delicious Butternut Squash Curry was featured on the menu at every elementary, middle and high school in the Highline School District. It was a hit!
  • Grassroots Fundraising: Youth leaders drove a campaign to raise over $5000 from their communities to help fund their organizing work.
  • Tasty Dinners: FEEST hosted weekly after school dinners with themes including: “Let’s Taco-bout it,” “Squash the Competition,” “Pi Day,” and “Chopped!”

Read the rest in our 2017–2018 School Year Report.