Food Fact : Did you know USDA has less than $1 to spend on each plate of school food? The rest of the money goes to labor, supplies, and other costs.

This fact shocked me at first then i remember that i watch something like that on this TV show called “The Chew” and how most american dishes cost less then $2.35 . It makes sense to a point though, food shouldn’t cost as much with the correct serving sizes , but when you go actually shopping in a grocery store its like $200 and that is ridiculous!

Today at FEEST : I worked with Fatuma M. , Chanelle C. & Malenna . We made super delicious potatoes , there was red pepper, salt, black pepper, soy sauce, onions and silantro. They came out great and everyone seemed to enjoy them I do and I made tea with a very large amount of tea bags, lemon zest, lime zest, apple, lemon juice, lime juice, raspberry tea & peppermint extract .I’ve attend FEEST before, I went to all the meeting/kitchen parties. FEEST is always educational i learn new things every time i come , awesome foood and great company is always a good evening.