Today we voted to have a picnic FEEST! Old school blanket on the grass, scoop scoop and pass the food! It was gorgeous outside and for a little while we were all quiet (according to Isaiah, this is when you know the food is good!). Our dishes included fruit salad (inside a gutted watermelon!), lemon-watermelon juice, fried rice with eggs (and without for the vegans), roasted asparagus, steamed broccoli, blanched green beans (I learned how to do this for the first time 🙂 ), grilled potatoes, salad with cherries, yellow bell peppers and green beans. The list was deliciously long!

What I enjoyed most from today was talking with everyone in the kitchen about everything from bad pop music, to our favorite fruits, the craziest foods we’ve eaten and picking flowers in the garden with two new ‘FEESTIES’. Also, it was great having two people join us at FEEST who were hanging out in the building. You are always welcome to stop by FEEST!! Overall, we had a nice laid back afternoon.. quick set up, clean up and fun in-between. We missed our FEEST mentors who are currently in Detroit representing FEEST (woot woot!) so that the program can be shared with communities all over the U.S… Shout out to all of you!