My name is Julio and i really enjoy the piano. I like to play it and learn some songs on my free time. Though I’m only a beginner i still try my best to learn as many songs as i can. As for FEEST, I took part in it by setting up the table, chairs, plates, forks and spoons along with other people, so that in the end we could all sit down and eat peacefully. Every time in FEEST, each person does something different than what they did last time. For example, i helped cook last time but today i helped set up instead. My favorite part of FEEST is, of course, eating. Especially eating something you made yourself because you think to yourself “dang…i can’t believe I made that and it tastes this good!” you know? On top of it tasting good its healthy for you too! That’s what really amazes me. And at this FEEST gathering some of us got together and discussed about a talent show that we could possibly hold up at the end of this month. We talked about how we would advertise it with fliers, how we would set it up and how we would try and ask our friends to come. But overall, i really enjoyed FEEST. Mainly because each time you come you learn something new and usually learn a new dish. Not only that, but you make new friends as well. So if you’re not already coming, i really suggest you do because this is a really fun experience.