IMG_1463Q: What could you do to help prevent child hunger?

I could donate, donate money to ANYONE who is in need!! I have a food bank near my home that I could regularly donate to.

Q: Why do you think so many people eat school lunch?

Some kids probably don’t have enough money to afford food. I know people who survive off of school food.

Q: What’s The Biggest Risk You’ve Ever Taken? How does it connect to helping others

The biggest risk I’ve ever taken was crossfire!! Basically putting myself in between gunfire and violence! I feel like it helps others because it shows that being in those situations is not save and its not good to be around people who poorly influence you because you could be killed.

Q: How often do you eat fast food and what is your reasoning for consuming fast food?

OFTEN, probably like once a day!! I like it because I walk home and I see McDonald’s everyday so I just stop by!

Q: What are you cooking today?


Q: My favorite thing that happened today?

Coming to FEEST because it is COMPLETELY different from what I thought it would be!!!