Feest was very interesting this week. I got a very good vibe from everyone and I had some delicious food. They had a seating arangment at this weeks feest, which I thought was interesting. The seating arangement went youth, adult, youth, adult. The chefs prepared an awe inspiring meal of sweet yam potato french fries, the usual green salad, pineapple slices, mango slices (with cayane pepper and salt), green beans, a fruit salad, and quinoa. I had some nice conversations and thanked the Feest Gods for Light Limeade Odwalla. All in all, I had a stomach filling meal and a very pleasant time with my peers. For anyone who is interested in coming to Feest it is evey Wednesday at 5:30 PM . Ne’er a dull moment.  If you want to help out in the kitchen come at 4:00 PM.