Name of Food: Arozcaldo


Ingredients: Tofu, Eggs, Green Onions, Onions, Ginger, Rice, Water, Pepper, Salt, and Fish sauce(or soy sauce, could be substituted).


Step-by-step Instructions:

  1. Gather all ingredients.
  2. Boil eggs for about 8-10 minutes, or until fully boiled.
  3. Cook the rice.
  4. Chop up onions, ginger, tofu, and green onions, separating each on a different bowl.
  5. Fry the tofu. 
  6. Saute the onions and ginger together, while adding a little bit of pepper and salt. 
  7. Add the cooked rice into the pot with the sauteed onions and ginger.
  8. Add water to make the soupy texture.
  9. Add soy sauce, or fish sauce(could be substituted) into the pot, until the desired amount.
  10. Add green onions, tofu, and eggs(cut or uncut) into the pot.
  11. Serve. 

Some other spices to consider… Image

A dish we made at FEEST today, November 19, 2013, was Arozcaldo. Arozcaldo is a filipino dish. It is a rice soup with eggs, onions, tofu, and green onions. My mother always cooked this dish whenever the weather was cold or if my brothers and I simply just wanted it. It was great for eating during cold weather because it always warmed me up and it just tasted like home. When I was old enough to cook, my mother helped and taught me how to cook this dish. 

My most favorite memory of eating Arozcaldo is when we were in Saipan. I remember it being a fairly cold weather and it was raining too. My mother thought it was a great time to make Arozcaldo because it was cold. She made it, and my family and I gathered around the dining table and sat down. We prayed and thanked the lord for the food we had that day. My mother, father, brothers, and I enjoyed eating it and was happy. This is my most favorite memory because everyone just looked so at peace and warm during that cold, rainy day. It was also my favorite memory because we were gathered as a whole family.