IMG_1209Q: What was your favorite dish tonight by far?

A: My favorite dish was the mango topping on the crepes, I liked the way it was sweet and sour.  It tasted really good on the crepes.  I have made this dish at home before for a different dish.

Q: If you could explain your FEEST experience in one word what would it be?

A: If I could describe FEEST in one word I would use “family” because when I came in today for the first time, everyone was friendly and kind to me I felt like I was accepted for everything I was, I was comfortable and loved it.

Q: Did you cook any dish tonight? If so, what was it and how did you make it?

A: I made the vegetable topping tonight, I mixed up the vegetables, cut them up and made them all together on a piece of lettuce.  It was really simple to make and everyone enjoyed it.

Q: Do you plan to come to FEEST again?  How would you rate your experience?

A: Yes, I plan on coming every week because I truly love FEEST and the feeling that it gives me.  I would rate my experience a 10 and I plan on coming to expand my knowledge on food and knife skills.