IMG_1318Q: As a student what challenges do you face with food access at school?

A: I don’t eat school food, because I don’t like it! I would rather eat my own food from home! There is not enough school food to satisfy my physical needs.

Q: What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? How does it connect to helping others?

A: Coming to FEEST and trying to learn to cook and be social is the biggest risk I’ve ever taken, FEEST connects to food access because it is easy for people to get to and I love that we get community service hours and FEEST gives people free food!!!

Q: Are you willing to help others in situations where you have the upper hand?

A: Yes, because helping someone is how you make them happy. Whenever you can help someone you should because you don’t know what someone is going through so you should always try to help!

Q: Rate your day 1-10

A: My day was GREAT, I will give it a 9, I had a wonderful time at FEEST! The food was great & tasty!!