I arrived at Youngstown on a beautiful Seattle summer day expecting the place to be thriving with artists and vegans. Luckily this time there were a lot of people my age. Reluctantly I sat back, but then the beaming group of teens and smiling advisers pulled me in with a quick trip to the garden. I moseyed around the lush garden that was sprinkled with bright colors. As I went along, we found many beautiful flowers were edible. After some fun with the lovely chickens of Youngstown, we collaborated in the kitchen about what to do with the various herbs and produce we had harvest.
Some how we created a large feast with quinoa stuffed peppers, baked asparagus, bruchetta, and so much more out of what seemed to be mere bunny food! Even more to my surprise we were able to establish team work and a huge sense of community with our fellow chefs. FEEST is the epitome of teamwork and I would definitely prescribe a dose of this for the shy and quiet.