Second time at FEEST

Our second time at FEEST was a very memorable time, we arrived there at 3 o clock to help cook with great enthusiastic people that we had previously. We washed all the vegitables and fruit, and preped for the meal. We had really fresh produce and friut making the meal very rich in nutrients and delicious! There were a lot of kids in the kitchen helping, with music and laughter. We had more fun preparing the meal than we thought. We made roasted vegitables of asparagus, carrots, and squash, and it was great. Also we made palenta with a savory onion sauce. Great fruit salad and tossed salad. We thought that the most interesting thing was how everything we made was spontanious and eneded up tasting great. We also made a mouth watering chicken soup, with almost every vegitable that was in the kitchen. We had a great discussion after the meal about the things we want to change in the school luch system. Healthier choices,  and a energy filled breakfast. Overall our experience at FEEST was enlightening because of the cooperation and the energy of the people all trying to make a change.