Here’s our delightful intern Rubyna Vohra with this week’s reflection on how learning happens at FEEST!


There’s always room for improvement. Even for adults. At FEEST we not only have fun and make delicious food but we also learn many life lessons and life hacks. We learn to grow as people and learn how to interact with the real world.

At FEEST we always meet new people and interact with new people. We get the opportunity to introduce ourselves and talk about ourselves. We also learn how to cooperate with one another and how to accept and respect others thoughts and ideas.
For me as an intern I learn a lot. I learn how to depict myself as a leader but also to step down and see others grow. I get to show people how to make and do certain things but I also get the opportunity to learn from others
Today, Whitney showed me how to cook beets and how to add them into dishes and how to season them while I showed her how to combine different veggies and season them to create a different dish.
It’s not just us students that have the opportunity to learn and grow. Our program coordinators also have that chance. They get to learn how other cultures prepare different foods and how other cultures react differently towards food.
For example, recently we’ve been eating on the floor because in many cultures around the world it is respected to eat on the floor.
At FEEST everyone has the opportunity to learn, grow, and expand their knowledge of food, cultures, and much more. FEEST is a fun and innovative classroom.
FEEST fam rides hard, cooks hard

FEEST fam rides hard, cooks hard

Whitney (maker of beets and beholder of the purple cauliflower) and Tiffany (FEEST volunteer)

Whitney (maker of dope beets and beholder of the purple cauliflower) and Tiffany (FEEST fan/volunteer/supporter/guider extraordinaiiiiiire)