coming to feest it was really fun i met a rad girl named Tammy it takes a lot of work we had too set up tables we had to originized chair and the food the food was so good i really liked the noodles the sauce that was on it that was spicy. i think it was kind of rice noodles sweat potatoes I’m glad i got too eat food i never eaten before so I’m that type of person that likes to try new and different things like organic food I’m use too fried food baked food and food being salted and fast food but it was great Tammy was very nice and she showed me what too do and she did great I’m glad she showed me the ways today. we went out in the garden to get some herbs and flowers and weeds and we cut them but before we did that Tammy cut her finger but its ight. but before all of this we seen a performance people break dancing and a couple people rapping and beat making i think it was called the all access orientation but it was really cool