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unnamedQ: Why do you come to FEEST?

A: To try new food, meet new people and to have fun. I like to learn new stuff and FEEST is really useful.
Q: How do you use FEEST at home?
A: If I run out of an ingredient I try something else and see if it’s good. If my brother or sisters are running around I say watch out knife! Or hot pot! Also I know how to cut way better now.
Q: How has FEEST inspired you?
A: FEEST has made me a better person i can communicate with anyone and try any dish from any background now I also learned important rules in the kitchen.
Q: How is home food different from FEEST food?
A: My home is only traditional food and only one person cooks it here it is all about team work and I get to try new foods outside my culture.
Q: How is the food different?
A: Here u can prepare any way u want n the ingredients don’t have to be exact n u can cook it any way. It can be spicy sour sweet and u can put any seasonings in the food, u can combine different varieties of food.
Q: Do u cook at home?
A: I have before but I don’t cook normally I try to be creative when I cook. If I make a mistake I don’t give up I make it again n it gets better and better.