Hey my name is Gloria. I’m 16 years old and I go to Nova High School. I’m a kitchen intern. Today at FEEST I did something that I didn’t do for a long time. I got to do a dinner with my community at school. I actually never tried to cook with things around the house. I learned that when I get older and I’m living by myself I would have to cook like that.Image

I made this dish that had three green peppers, some amazing Mexican cheese, and tortillas. Everyone said they love it and said that they couldn’t wait to eat it. When we sat down at the table we got some new people eating with us. We talked about Macklemore and how some people was going to the concert, some person said they know him!

Everyone stayed to set up and clean up. Everybody was busy cooking, helping, talking, and cleaning together. I really loved how everyone helped out at the end of the dinner. Even if they clear their spot that helps a lot. People made some awesome food at came from their family and culture. I was happy people came and ate food with the FEEST team.

There was music playing in the background until we were cooking, I saw students dancing to the beat of the music. The teachers were great helpers with the cleaning and cooking. We didn’t do ninja slap, I love that game its so fun to play with a big group of people. Time went fast because some people were having fun cooking like me. I didn’t really finish my food but people loved the food i made! My time was great and fun!