Last week, intern Alexa Taylor chatted up a special guest volunteer who is part of the FEEST fam for real.


This week at the Chief Sealth dinner we had the opportunity of meeting our mentor Elizabeth’s mother, Corinne. She was very excited to see what FEEST was all about and see the youth work and even lead her own work shop. “Just watching youth
learn to cook with what you have and to learn about other people’s food.” She taught a workshop on making Quiche seeing as many of our regulars didn’t know what quiche was.

Later on in the night we got to talking about things she did that were similar to FEEST when she was younger.  She explained that she had worked at a job teaching young mothers how to provide for their children. “I was working with inner city, low income pregnant moms and we would work with them and teach them how to make food and teach them places to get the food and how  to provide for their kids.” She went on to say that they asked her to work here because they needed someone who knew what it was like. “I was a young mom,” she said later. “… they needed someone who had walked the walk and weren’t just talking. ”

She taught young women about food nutrition through her experience as a young mother as well. Corinne is a perfect example that everything is connected to food.

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