We are so excited to announce that two of FEEST’s Youth Leaders were featured in the Wing Luke Museums’ latest exhibit, We are Changing the Tides. This powerful exhibit is all about the history of climate change, how it has impacted BIPOC communities, and the long line of organizing that has been happening for the last 30 years to combat the effects of climate change on Earth. 

Images are of some parts of the Wing Luke Exhibit, highlighting the roots of the Environmental Justice Movement and the impact on BIPOC communities in the Pacific NW.

Two of our leaders, Ikran and Tasin, recorded speeches highlighting the impacts of climate change in their communities. Check out some of our favorite quotes from their speeches! 

I really care about climate justice, because it affects us all, and NOW is the time to do something. We should have already done something, so now it’s very very important. Personally, I see a change in access to fresh produce in my community.

There’s a change with the veggies my mom brings home, and that’s because of the way we do farming and agriculture in general. It’s affected our communities in a strange way.

As consumers, we are just buying what we can, while some communities do not have access to farmers’ markets or freshly grown crops. Instead, they have access to fast food chains that are not good for the body but are one of the many sources of pollution.


Youth Leader, FEEST

There is a lack of people of color leaders representing environmental justice in our country. This is important because climate justice is a complex topic, and we need all voices representing us, especially voices of color.

For example, if we want to make changes then we will also need to focus more on racial, social, and generational injustice because these all are connected to each other.

It’s impacting us racially because one government official from Ted reported that Black people are 50% more affected by climate change than what they cause.


Youth Leader, FEEST

Wow! What powerful reflections from youth organizers in our community. Thank you Ikran and Tasin for sharing such intentional thoughts on the importance of combating climate change! We are Changing the Tides is open now and will be at the Wing Luke through 2023, so be sure to swing by and check out their full speeches, and the full exhibit.