Hey! My name is Fatma. I am 15 years old and go to HS3 at Evergreen High School. I’ve came in and walked by FEEST a few times while it was being held here at our school. I have friends who are also in FEEST and the reason why I’ve walked in before was because of them, we go home together most of the times. They’ve tried persuading for me to join for a long time and I’d always say no. Don’t worry! The reason for it was not because of FEEST, just me. I’m a very picky eater and didn’t want that to get in the way of anyone or anything. It’s great because it’s a very comfortable and welcoming environment created around FEEST. There’s this tradition of this game that’s played in FEEST called “yes and ..” What it basically is, is everyone stands around the table and one person starts off with what they’d like to make for that day. So someone would start by, for example, “Fried rice and tofu ..” then the next person would say “yes and…” whatever they want to add to that dish or start off a new dish they want to make. You don’t always have to say “yes and ..,” you could also say “I’d like that as a side dish ..,”. We then break up into groups for who’ll make what and the steps those people in that group are going to take to make their food/dish. There are also a couple other traditions, like when we’re about to start eating we sit around and everyone say their name and what they’re thankful for. Second, everyone introduces their food and the ingredients in it. Third, we eat! BUT! We don’t start eating without serving our neighbors and offering them food around the table. I’m so glad my friends told me about FEEST and made me stay. It’s a very fun experience and I hope to feel the same comforting environment I’d felt today!