Our media intern at Evergreen Campus, Mariam interviewed an AWESOME FEEST regular, Sanyasen about her experience at dinner.

This week at Evergreen, we did things a little bit differently.  We teamed up to create some cultural recipes to submit to Highline Public Schools to be considered for a school lunch menu item!  Here is what Sanyasen thought about this activity:

unnamed-3Q: What was your favorite cultural dish?

A: The tortilla wrap was my favorite dish tonight.  I loved the way it tasted and how the spices were on point.  It was easy to make and simple to prepare.  I really enjoyed making it overall and eating it at dinner.

Q: What cultural dish did you prepare tonight?

A: Tonight, I prepared the egg dish.  This dish took a long time to prepare because it had many ingredients to it.  One thing I loved from this dish was that it went well with the cultural bread called Jabaati.  The dish was very good in taste although it took the most time to prepare.

Q: What did you learn tonight from these dishes?

A: I learned a lot from these dishes.  I learned that most of the cultural dishes made tonight came from Somali culture and Somali descent.

Q: What dish did you vote to possible add to the school menu?

unnamed-4A: I voted for the tortilla dish to be on the school menu because I think many students would like it for lunch.  I also think it is very cultural for everyone and anyone can try it!