IMG_1424Q: What was ur main goal at dinner? What brought u here to Feest? 

A: My main goal was to make good food and to season it correctly. What brought me here today was my friends, I was also hungry, lacking energy, and I didn’t want to go to gymnastics practice. I had to stay after to study and the smell of food brought me into the room.

Q: What did u learn about before that u didn’t know before? 
A: I learned that I can season the food with anything to make it tasty! Also that it’s important to try new foods and experiment with seasoning and flavors! Because adding something like salt or chili powder will out its inner flavor.
Q: What kind of impact will Feest leave on you? 
 A: I learned to be more independent with my cooking and to stop relying on my mom to cook for me. Or I could try to wake up earlier n help her cook but I like my sleep!
Q: Do you feel more comfortable trying new foods? Any favorites from the dinner? 
A: I feel pretty comfortable with trying new foods, but I’m picky so not sure if I’ll like it. I didn’t eat dinner so I wouldn’t know.
Q: But if u went to dinner again would u be willing to try the food even if it’s something u wouldn’t eat? 
A: I would try it but I might not like it like I said before I’m a picky eater.