We interviewed, Dorian a Senior at HS3 (Evergreen Campus), Dorian about his experience with FEEST.

IMG_27271Q: What was your favorite part of dinner and why?

A: Sitting down together with everyone and eating all the delicious foods.  Also connecting with people through conversations.

Q: What did you make for dinner?  Have you made it before?

A: I made some cooked eggs.  Yes, I have made it before.  Also I made quesadillas in the eggs.

Q: Was there any veggies on the table you haven’t seen before?  Did you try them?  What did you think?

A: The tiny tomatoe! At first, I thought it was some type of fruit but after tasting it it turned into a regular tomatoe!

Q: Did you learn something new?  What was it?

A: I learned the claw which helped me cut successfully, also I learned to keep my space clean as I work in order to keep the space clean.