What’s good?

Hey y’all its Diana giving a recap on this week’s potluck.


Today we had a visioning process to tackle.  The goal: Youth priorities for KCFFI strategies. This tends to be overwhelming for all the youth, including me, but tonight everything ran beyond smoothly.  We had multiple youth come through that usually can’t make it.  I as well brought two brand new youth who loved it!  On top of that its becoming evident to me that FEEST is blowing up!  Community centers as well as counselors are offering FEEST information.  Giving youth opportunities for service learning hours with us.  As a direct result a larger variety of youth came to our table tonight.

The whole group as top prioritizes emphasized: transportation, neighborhood farmer’s markets, education; social justice, nutrition, available neighborhood programs, healthy school lunches, and emergency food resource availability.

FEEST at Youngstown

Jessie is an amazing cook; we all know this!  Tonight though i have to top my hat off to the whole cooking crew.  There was more than enough food for everyone, and as usual it was delicious!  From Yakisoba, to curry, to a green salade with an avocado and orange dressing, we all indulged.

Rob chowin downFEEST is really on a roll now and the mere thought of  “franchising” FEEST has now begun to be a plausible reality. Though my blog writting skills aren’t amazing our progress definitly is!

Thank you to the Clean up crew!
Clean up!