This week at Chief Sealth High School we celebrate Dia de los Muertos  by cooking up delicious cultural dishes with the youth: Pollo Mole, Agua de Tamarindo, and Arroz Con Leche.

FEEST Intern Alexa interviews Rubith, team leader of the Pollo Mole dish.

What does Dia de los Muertos mean to you?

A special day to remember someone that passed away family or friend.

What’s your favorite part about it? 

Eating the food after because it doesn’t have flavor. It doesn’t have flavor because the spirits take the food.

How do you celebrate it?

We build an altar with food and stay awake all night and wait for a signal. We stay awake all night waiting for a sound outside or something.

What are you making?

Mole. It has a lot of chiles in it. You serve it with chicken or beef and eat it with a side of beans and rice.

It’s only for special events.

Mole in the making!

Mole in the making!

Oh, the sweet, sweet rice!

Oh, the sweet, sweet rice!