I come from an island in the Puget sound. Its wonderful out there but has nothing as great and distinct as Youngstown–let alone FEEST!!
During the day–five days a week–nine to five–i work away at my desk–and work away my life. I wake up at seven and get home at seven. Every Wednesday is different though. Every Wednesday is a little more special– has a little more smile than all of the other days and its all because of the wonderful people, space, and food found at FEEST!
This evening was no exception, it felt great to sit down at a full table of youthful smiles–check in with the people surrounding me–and unwind in such a positive and delicious environment. Tonight was an assortment of garden vegetables rearranged in a variety of sauces, each cooked differently than the next. The Lentils tonight were the best with the right amount of spice!!

I can’t wait for next week…