so i woke up this morning with my morning ritual, brush my teeth, shower, so on and so forth. naturally excited for my weekly routine of delicious home cooked meals that are healthy and like i said before, delicious. getting ready i found myself impatient for it was only 12 in the afternoon and FEEST had an entry of at least 4:30 pm. making my way through the day remembering last weeks amazing FEEST. we had an amazing potluck and i meet a woman who was of Guatemalan descent and we shared stories of Spanish slang and foods that the potluck had reminded us of. making my way too FEEST finally i meet up with my good friend Diana downtown, jumped on the 120 bus and head to west Seattle where we met up with another great friend Paris. immediately excited he made his way from the back of the bus to the front where Diana and i were seated and gave her and i big warm hug and a Paris smile. we arrived at FEEST and of course we put in our work for the food preparations and set up for the tables, greeting last weeks members and catching up on the week missed out. like every week there were new people who seemed a bit shy at first but once they felt the Youngstown vibe they loosened up and got acquainted with any and everyone who seemed to walk by. finally the time came and we were seated to eat but before we feasted we were told the two golden rules which were speak your truth and respect others. (summarized) everyone took a turn introducing themselves and telling the rest of the group what were thankful for in our lives. we had responses such as the sun, life, friendship, transportation, family, food, etc. i met a man who says he was from Mexico who happened to sit next to me with who i assume was his daughter, and they both attended south seattle community college. we all ate, and laughed, and joked around with one another, exchanging stories and teasing one another playfully and friendly of course. we began to clean up our stations taking our plates up to the table that was provided with water, soup water, a sponge, towels, and a food waste basket. we all began to clean up and here still remain, i am off now to go make more friends and have fun with my friends, so until next time, Carlos is out! thank you FEEST!!!