image is of a FEEST collage, with FEEST youth

Image is a collage of FEEST Youth from throughout the years.

This week marks the start of our Spring Donation Drive! ūüĆ∑From now up to¬†Fresh Flavor, Fresh Vision!¬†We will be raising funds to continue the work we are doing. Thanks to your support¬†last year, we‚Äôve accomplished¬†SO¬†much. We want to thank you for your support, and give you a recap of some major moments since last year:

FEEST was able to expand into Franklin High School, Youth Leaders were featured in The Wing Luke’s Exhibit, We are Changing the Tides, and also met with decision-makers, like Aaron Garcia, Carrie Howell, and Brandon Hersey.

FEEST was featured in Youth Tell All: Youth Development in King County and was able to hire a new Multi-Generational Organizer to help deepen our relationships with teachers, families, and young people in our community.

When we look back at our campaigns, from school food wins, to removing Seattle Police from Seattle Public Schools, at the center of this is community power, and we are intentionally investing our energy into it.

We are at a choice point. What we do in the next 5 years is critical for the survival of our planet and the survival of our communities. At FEEST, we know that youth organizing is a viable, necessary strategy to change our reality. We need youth leading the way to more just futures, right now.

Will you invest in FEEST youth and our movement for justice by making a gift to FEEST today?

At FEEST, our work is centered in radical joy. We do this work because of what we believe is possible for our society and our schools. On the other side of this choice point, we envision youth and families of color thriving in vibrant, politically powerful communities. In our schools, youth will be able to exercise their power to change systems. In our vision, schools are vibrant learning centers that center the students they serve and support the long-term growth, holistic wellness, and joy of students and our communities.

All of this is possible only when we build people power to fight for the futures we deserve. Donate today to support our youth becoming powerful organizers.

Thank you.

In solidarity and gratitude,

P.S –¬†GiveBig is May 3rd-4th!¬†Give¬†today¬†to support and strengthen our movement! Gifts of any size are loved and appreciated.