Cultural Food fact: Immigrants have a lower obesity rate that increases the longer they reside in the states.
    It doesn’t surprise me, it’s always something I’ve been quite aware of, because my mom is from Japan. People in Japan are much healthier than we are in the States. In Japan, people tend to eat much more fish than we do here, and vegetables are more present in the common diet. When I visit my grandparents in Japan (they live in the country), my Grandpa would always cook us beautiful meals with fruits and vegetables grown in his garden that he tended. In the US, the common diet lacks vegetables, and consists heavily of processed foods. This, among other unhealthy lifestyle choices, is why we have a high obesity rate in the states.

    First day at FEEST:

    I had a good time at FEEST today! I had nothing to do after school, and I decided to tag along with my friend Marley, who has been here before. I was greeted by friendly faces, and a table full of great looking (yet unprepared) foods. After some instruction on knives and advice by chef Roberto, we split into teams to prepare our own dishes. Marley and I decided to make a roasted veggie dish. We chopped celery, potatoes, carrots, onions, fennel, and squash and added spices and baked the veggies in the oven. I also made some brown rice and Marley also baked some seeds to go in a salad. It turned out great! We ate all the delicious dishes and it was quite a feast! I advise that you stop by FEEST sometime for fun company and delicious food!