Support Youth Leaders All Year

Youth aren’t just the future. They’re creating real change right now. If you’re a fan of FEEST, you know the power of youth leadership. We are seeing it all around the country right now on issues from gun laws to climate change. 

We know that successful organizing is only possible with the support of committed community members who put their beliefs into action. That’s why we bring people of all ages to the table to break bread together and learn from each other. When youth leaders walk into a school board meeting, they’re even more confident knowing there’s a whole community of people who support them.

Join the Big Table, FEEST’s new monthly giving program, and support youth leaders throughout their journey.

Join Your Community at the Big Table

In the spirit of community, the Big Table is the place where family and friends meet. Everyone brings what they can share, and true to the name, there’s room for everyone.

Big Table members can give anywhere between $10 and $250+ every month — whatever amount feels right for you. Every monthly gift ensures that FEEST youth leaders have support for their work all year round.

Ready to Join the Big Table?

Join the Big Table at FEEST and support youth leaders all year round.