Today was a very chill FEEST. We had some lovely tSB (the service board) guests. Tonight’s dinner consisted of spicy quinoa, vegetable stir-fry in cabbage leaves, a summer pasta, fruit salad and regular salad with a delicious sesame oil, lemon, orange, vinaigrette dressing. One of the highlights of dinner was when Jessie received the Compassion Award! The Compassion Celebration will be this Saturday, June 13 from 7pm to 11pm at the Vera Project. Recently, Chris, Cristina, Antasia, and myself attended the Young Planners Conference in Oakland. We stayed on the Berkley campus in dorms. We learned a lot about urban planning and sustainability. There were some cool workshops around urban pollution, gentrification, art, et cetera. We got to enjoy really interesting youth-produced films around issues in their neighborhoods. Not to mention the open mic where our very own Chris did his first stand-up comedy. Cristina played guitar and sang for us and Antasia performed a poem. It was super fun. Plus, there were lots of cool people from New York to Chicago to New Orleans and back to California. One of my very fond memories is of the park that we ate lunch at. If you can imagine Greenlake, take away the trees, add geese and multiply the number of geese by 100 to get the quantity of their droppings, then you will understand why it was so memorable. Overall, it was a very positive experience and I hope we will be able to attend the Chicago ’10 conference. I am very excited for our community potluck that’s coming up this month. We will have three nutritionists coming to speak with us and hopefully some really great community members.