Rosemary Forever,
Today was a fun day. We had a great guest chef, Ariel Banks. She taught us how to make oven-baked fried chicken, beet/ pomegranate/ avocado salad, a coconut cabbage raisin dish, persimmon soup, spicy broccoli & some kind of green leafed vegetable. We had turkey soup made from our scraps from last week then baked it again in pumpkins we had. She brought in two vegan cakes, one banana walnut & a chocolate pecan. They were delicious. Someone carved a really cool pumpkin. It was awesome. That person must be really cool, & very talented.

Amy helped us make rosemary crowns & belts. My hands still smell like rosemary. Overall, today was a good day. The cakes were especially yummy. Sammy liked the rosemary, a lot. Everyone is super excited for the showcase & open house on Saturday night.