Our Media Intern, Mariam,  sat down with Alia, a freshman at Evergreen High School to talk about school lunch and her FEEST experience.

aliaQ:What did you have for lunch today at school?

A: At school today, I ate a cheese pizza and French fries.  The cheese on the pizza tasted really weird.  It was almost like it was plastic; it wasn’t melted fully and it wasn’t cooked properly.  The fries were oily and hard like potato chips.  It tasted like the oil was old, like it was reused.

Q: What do you think the pizza was made of?

A: I think the pizza was made of bread and some kind of sauce.  It was really nasty.  I wasn’t really sure at all what it was made from.  I felt weird that I didn’t know what it was but I was eating it.

Q: What did we eat at FEEST and how was it different from today’s lunch?

A: We ate a vegetable soup, a salad, omelets, fried rice and there was also a smoothie!  It was fun because we did it from our own hands.  It’s so different from the school, because we don’t know what we are eating and I knew exactly what was in the dishes at FEEST.