In typical FEEST style, we want to give a big shout out to our volunteers who throw down for our weekly community dinners. They rally so hard for the youth and make FEESTin’ magical. Chief Sealth Media Intern Alexa interviews all-star volunteer Misha Jackson, who began supporting dinners with us this fall!

How did you find FEEST? 

I was doing an internship at the capital and one of my mentors told me that if I was interested I should do this.

How has FEEST changed you? 

Let’s see, it’s restored my hope for food. You know, it makes me feel like I’m gonna be a part of what’s gonna be OK in the world. And that feels great.

What’s it like to be a FEEST volunteer?

Fun with 3 exclamation points. (FUN!!!)

What’s the best thing about FEEST? 

Seeing the kind of things that people can create when they are given the space. Incredible things.