Today is october 16,2012 and i attended FEEST. It was an overall great experience. I helped make a apple salad that had sliced apples, pears, mangoes and plums tossed with some spinach and lettus heads. we cut everything from scratch which added the fresh taste. We also made our own dressing from scratch that contained some of the fruit, mainly mangoes and plums, crushed red pepper, black pepper, salt, sugar, oil, lemon and water. the sauce was a perfect mixture of sweet and spicy, which went well with the apple salad.

today i learned the meaning of communication. i saw as we cooked how important is was to let someone know you have hot water or a knife while behind them, and how beneficial it was to say “knife right behind you”. we were partnered up with someone else to work on a food and it was important to let my partner know what i had in mind for the sauce and what jobs were already done and needed to be done.

Todays menu would be describes as spicy & sweet. We had soup with spice, rice, brussel sprouts, green beens and eggs, an omlette both spicy and non spicy, salad, sauce with sweet&spicy, and a apple juice to top it off.