What does FEEST mean anyway?

Our amazing intern Karishama Vahora’s answers this question after another bumpin’ dinner at Evergreen Campus!


F.E.E.S.T is what we are known as but each letter has its own meaning; we are the Food Empowerment Education Sustainability Team. Something that we live and stand by as interns and as drop ins.

Food- Something we create from our own cultural diverse minds.

Empowerment- As youth or young people we have a safe place to be powerful and show how much we know about our communities.

Education-School isn’t the only place where you can get an education, a real education is trial and error, learning from your mistakes and not being told that you’re wrong.

Sustainability- As an organization we continue to feed and bring communities together while providing fresh produce and our warm smiles.

Team, We are more than a team we are a family #FeestFam

As a current FEEST intern and a past drop in, I don’t have enough words to express how much FEEST has impacted me as a student, woman and a person of color. From out of state conferences to visiting local farms and learning how food impacts us in various ways.

"What's cookin' team?"

“What’s cookin’ team?”


FEEST intern Julio Tapia in action!

FEEST intern Julio Tapia in action!

Evergreen FEEST dinner!

Evergreen FEEST dinner!