For today’s blogpost intern Abla Ali interviewed Lizbeth, 17, who recently moved to White Center and was attending her second FEEST dinner this week!

How did you hear about FEEST?

I heard about FEEST through Abla and Mai!

Do you like FEEST?

It’s a good after school program that teaches you and improves your cooking skills.

What did you cook the first time you came to FEEST?

I cooked curry with Adara (intern) and it was pretty successful.

Have you made any new friends or connections with anyone?

Yes! Sanyasen. She’s funny and I really enjoy hanging out with her. I also met Adara who is chill and sweet. She also helped me a lot with curry.

Did you try any new dishes with FEEST?

Yes! It was the curry. It was my first time trying it. It was pretty good. Actually, I did not know anything about the ingredients but after making it…it turned to something that is very delicious!

Have you ever been to programs like FEEST before?

Yes! I have been in other programs but FEEST is unique.

What is the best thing about FEEST?

Cooking! Because there is not so many programs where you get to cook with teens and use every vegetable at the table and it serves you at the same time.

And last question- do you like cooking?

YES! I LOVE cooking a lot. I can say it’s my habit. It’s incredible.