2020 has been an incredible year of change. Here’s a recap of what we’ve accomplished this year with the support of friends like you.

Healthy snacks: Students who get a healthy snack perform better in school. We released the results of our three-month study here.

Free groceries: Knowing that students need healthy food to do well, we started a pandemic relief program that made 1,100 deliveries of groceries to families in need.

Police out of schools: Thanks to youth-led organizing this summer, Seattle Public Schools has ended their contract with the Seattle Police Department. 

New youth leaders: We started the year with summer camp, where this year’s cohort of youth leaders deepened their knowledge of social justice and community organizing.

Bold curriculum: We’ve had some stimulating conversations about redlining, food apartheid, the American dream, and other topics that impact our health in communities of color.

A new campaign: This coming year, our youth leaders will choose a health justice topic to organize around, and we hope you’ll be there to support their calls to action when the time comes.

We have a goal of having 250 people make a donation of any amount before the end of the month. Can you make a gift today to support the next generation of community leaders?

A grou p of high school students pose in front of the camera with smiles

Pictured: Pre-COVID, students at our community report back on the EHS snack program